Security cameras

A speed camera in Chester has been revealed to be the most active in the county. You could be among those caught speeding so be careful while going through the spot. On average, this speed camera clocks 75 offences in a week to a total of 8,718 offences in just a period of two years. Checked from January 1, 2016, to May 31, 2018, the camera on the A56 Hoole Road coming into the city is the most active. You could be needing Chester solicitors for speeding offences if you don’t check the limits while passing through this location. GoCompare, the comparison website compiled the findings after Freedom of Information requests to all police constabularies. Following the Freedom of Information, police forces that reported the highest number of speeding offences were Avon and Somerset with 386,969 cases. Cheshire, which has the most active camera in Chester County, was the fifth with 112,540 offences. At random, North Wales was eighth with 105,295 cases.

 In the entire Cheshire, the second most active camera was found on the M6 Northbound, junction 17-18 at Bradwall. This is another spot that may make you contact Chester solicitors. In 2016, it recorded 3,835 offences while the one at M6 Northbound between junction 16-17 Betchton recorded 3,733 offences last year.As per these figures recorded between 2016/2017 and 2017/2018, a 5.4% increase in the number of speeding offences is experienced. This is from 56,017 to 59,065. With the speed camera footages being reviewed and a report produced, some of the most shocking cases of law-breaking got revealed. For instance, a driver was recorded travelling at 116mph on the A556 Chester Road. This is 46mph over the limit.This, however, doesn’t beat the driver in Liverpool who was caught by a camera driving at an eye-watering 148mph. It is shocking that the speed limit at this spot is 50mph. Howard Jones, a defence lawyer and partner at Russell & Russell Solicitors in Chester commented on the issue. The Chester solicitors lawyer talked of speed cameras as a mechanism to prevent accidents. Solicitor Jones said speed cameras are here to stay and will be essential in the roads that are getting busier every day.

 Should you have a clean licence, according to Howard Jones and get caught for what is regarded moderate speed, you’ll probably be given a speed awareness course. You should, nevertheless, understand that every speed offence is judged on its individual circumstances. Those persecuted may get a fixed penalty of between 3 to 6 points. You should be careful after receiving the penalty points, this is because you risk a totting up and you could be banned from driving for a minimum of about six months. The lawyer’s advice is that if you don’t want to risk losing your licence, don’t speed. The country has very active speed cameras that will most likely always catch you.