So, what is a speed awareness course? The speed awareness course was developed by NADIP and NDORS which runs throughout the UK. It was designed to provide the basic knowledge of speeding as an alternative to prosecution. The course is run by the relevant authorities and private companies that are contracted and found to be legible service providers. Another goal of having the course is to prevent injuries and save you from serious accidents.


The involved authorities put the best foot forward to train the drivers on the know-how of speeding and driving. Indeed, the best driving skills and lessons are provided by this course. There is a fee paid to the relevant authorities to undergo the course. This course demands time and effort as well. The course also caters for all classes of drivers with different driving histories, age, sex, ability and ethnic background.


The National Speed Awareness Scheme allows the speeding offenders to undertake the course in their areas of choice. Once the motorist is done with the course he/she is considered ineligible to take another course for a duration of 3years. By that duration, if the motorist is found guilty of a speeding offense he/she is now prosecuted.


It should be noted that not all speeding offenses are treated with the option to do the speed awareness course. You can get advice from motoring lawyers, but in short, the course is offered if:


-If you’ve not been found guilty with a speeding offense in the past 3years.

-If you’ve been found driving 10% plus 2mph of the limit but not exceeding 10% plus 9mph


One of the main concerns for drivers is driving safely. The key to becoming a good driver and careful one is to take up a speed awareness course to help you react in a particular situation. It is also important to learn the how to maintain speed and adhere to speed limits to help you and other users of the road safe at all times. If you are struggling with speeding issues you can take the course and avoid being pulled over and get tickets due to speeding.


Staying Safe


A speed awareness course can help you avoid accidents. You can even take up the course in the UK so that you can stay safe on the road while driving. This course tells you how to focus better on the road by keeping your hands always on the wheel at a specific position. Signing up for such a course will also help you save money on your insurance premium. If you are a driver whose driving record is accident or incident free, your premium goes down automatically.


A speed awareness course in the UK is all about having full concentration on the road while driving. Things to avoid while on the wheel may include texting on the phone, applying makeup or having an angry conversation with someone even if you are using hands-free devices and driving when you are tired of going through a stressful situation. Using appropriate turn signals and maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles in front of you, staying within speed limits and avoiding blind spots are all things you need to know, as well as where to find good motoring lawyers.